100 Day Experience Intensive - Project Notes


100 Day Experience Intensive -
Project Notes


Project purpose:
Capture the vision and voice of each organization
Write engaging copy for multiple mediums
Cultivate strong team collaboration skills

100 days later...
I interacted with more than a hundred people—social media influencers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, social change makers and storytellers. I worked on six different teams in six different industries, made mistakes, was coached by leaders, learned to take ownership for my work—the good and the bad—and wrote material and curriculum for a college program. I finished the summer by beginning preparations for my first four-part college lecture series.

Also, I discovered that writing is not my work, it is my craft. It is the tool that I use to do my work. My work is to bridge gaps—integrating different perspectives to connect generations, organizations and clients, humanitarian projects and supporters, abstract visions and liner action plans—and specifically, to bridge the gaps in interesting ways.

Primary project overviews are listed below. Images link to company websites.


Assistant Editor Internship - The Refined Woman

My work included: 

  • Communicating between contributors—social media influencers, entrepreneurs, social change makers and storytellers—and The Refined Woman brand.
  • Managing the blog, editorial calendar and organizational systems.
  • Reviewing content prior to publishing.
  • Researching, pitching and preparing for future series.

Additionally, I developed and wrote the organization's internal systems and workflows.

The Refined Woman, an online publication centered around celebrating women, reaches a combined audience of more than 80K. Following my internship, I was invited to stay on the team as the Submissions Manager.


Content Writing - Gladiola Girls Lifestyle Boutique

My work included: 

  • Creating a standard voice and persona for the organization.
  • Communicating messages about moving, expanding and new community developments. 
  • Creating an organization purpose statement. 
  • Creating clear client personas and focused marketing demographics.

Gladiola Girls is a lifestyle boutique with stores in Lynchburg, Lexington and Boonsboro, VA. 
We worked together on social media content and web content, including The Glad Life[style]—used in the physical locations and on the landing page of their new website—and the Glad Philosophy and manager profiles.


Writing & Concept Development - Hollister Institute

My work included: 

  • Outlining a pilot project—purpose, goals, timeline and strategies—to connect the organization's services to corporate leaders and young professionals.
  • Editing and refined presentation flows for corporate training programs.
  • Consulting and proposing new ideas to connect the organization's messages with Millennial-age  and high school audiences.

Hollister Institute, an organization under Hollister Staffing, trains corporate professionals in mindful leadership, advanced communication and purpose driven work. I was honored to attend Excellence Unbound intensive to observe their highly impactful work and to spend several days working alongside the director. Additionally, I am piloting a writing project with the leadership team through November 2017.


Cultivating Support Partnerships - Fusion

Equipping students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to build strong support partnerships through strategic communication and engaging storytelling.

My work included: 

  • Casting a vision for the future of relationships between missionaries and supporters. 
  • Creating a plan—balancing areas of philosophy, skills and tools—and dividing the implementation into three phases for a multi-year development process.
  • Writing an 18-page workbook for the first phase training curriculum.
  • Preparing for a four-part lecture and workshop series.

The Fusion program at Midwestern College operates under the umbrella of the International Mission Board. I worked with the director to outline the first phase of their support & fundraising program. As part of this outline, I wrote a workbook, Building Support Partnerships Though Storytelling.* I was invited to teach a lecture intensive on connecting with supporters and communicating engaging stories for Fusion in the Fall of 2016.

*This workbook was revised and printed in 2017. View the PDF version of Re:Think Fundraising.


Personal Management & Professional Coaching


  • "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World" by Adam Grant
  • "Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success" by Adam Grant
  • "EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches" by Dave Ramsey
  • "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth
  • "A Writer's Time" by Kenneth Atchity

Professional Mentorship & Coaching

  • Mentorship Coaching— 
    Karla Driskill (Director of Hollister Institute)
    Kip Hollister (Founder & CEO of Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute) 
    Kat Harris (Co-Curator of The Refined Woman)
  • Coaching Intensive — Excellence Unbound at Hollister Institute