Mississippi to Maine by megabus

Mississippi to Maine (and back) by megabus


June 2014
Megabus added a stop in Jackson, Miss., during my last semester of undergrad. I heard about it one day, my first introduction to the world of $1 bus tickets, and spent my evening creating a route from Mississippi to Maine. My first estimate was $56, one-way. Later, I chose safer layover times and paid $300, round trip.

Over the roughly 3-week trip, my 15-year-old sister and I visited 17 states, toured national monuments and community hubs, and talked with dozens of locals along the way. Using public transportation and staying with local friends, we got special glimpses into the perspectives and lifestyles of a broad demographic, a sample of the world we share with other Americans. We also learned to quickly weigh our situation, goals and to navigate the ongoing stream of choices. The decision-making skills we honed on that trip greatly impacted the way I make choices now.